Best Places to Visit in Spain


Spain is the most desirable place for holidays to everyone. It has tranquil nature, sea, art and cultural diversity, warm welcoming Mediterranean climate with sundrenched beaches to forget and leave behind everyday work stress, constant noise and pollution of city life. To make the most memorable holiday of your life this amazing country has the best places to visit in the world.

Spain offers the most diverse striking landscapes, countless pristine beaches, wide range of traditional and international food recipes, world’s best hotels, villas and resorts, archaeological wonders along with the centuries of Spanish history and Roman ruins, museums, cathedrals, colorful nightlife overall all the things to lure a traveler or adventure seeker to itself.

Best places to visit in Spain

As you point your finger at the country’s map and ask anybody who knows about the land, you will come across an unending list of places and attractions that are worth visitors’ moments. To help you decide where to go and how to prioritize your list of must-see places, we’ve prepared a categorical note on the best places to visit in Spain. Let’s start reading.

Best Museums and Architectures in Spain for Art Connoisseurs

Spain is considered home for great art and culture. Amongst all the stunning places, to know Spain truly you must visit the museums here. Spain’s centuries of culture and history are breathing in the walls of these museums still now.

Beside the museums, there are buildings such as palaces, forts, cathedrals and other creative architectural endeavors exist in Spain. They carry great significance and historical values.

Let’s have some brief ideas about the museums and architectures of Spain before if you are thinking to visit the country –

Prado National Museum, Madrid

Prado National Museum, MadridThe sheer range of art collection of The Prado Museum is now central attraction and cultural sight of Spain. Located at the capital central Madrid, world’s finest European art collection has made the museum unbeatable and irresistible to the eyes of its beholders.

One must not miss the masterpieces treasured here while travelling –

  • A Scholar, famous painting by Rembrandt
  • Pond at Montgeron, painting by Claude Monet
  • The Cardinal, painting by Raphael
  • Self Portrait, painting by Albrecht Dürer
  • The Nobleman with his Hand on his Chest, painting by El Greco

Royal Palace of Madrid

Royal Palace of MadridThe Royal Palace of Madrid is the official residence of the royal family though they do not reside there. The palace is only used for ceremonies. The use of art and fine materials in the decoration enriched the constructive value of the palace. Besides, there is Royal Armoury of Madrid, famous paintings, furniture, silverware, porcelain, complete collection of Stradivarius etc have made the artistic value of the palace enormous.

Things to see here
  • Royal Armoury
  • Royal Pharmacy
  • Campo del Moro Gardens
  • Plaza de Oriente
  • Sabatini Gardens

Besides, the exterior of the Royal Palace is stunning. The iron fenced courtyard and the breathtaking view of countryside beyond will definitely make you speechless.

Real Alcazar Seville

Real Alcazar SevilleThe Alcázar of Seville is the royal palace of seville. After the Christian conquest of Seville the palace was built for the King Peter of Castile. The upper portions of the palace are now the official residence of the royal family.

The essence of the Renaissance, Baroque and 19th century centered altogether is this palace created a magical influence in the air which is overwhelming. While walking in the fresh air of the gardens, the still now existing fragrances of the past will devour your senses in amaze completely.

Things to see here
  • Salón de Embajadores, a magnificent dome.
  • Casa de Contratación, the contract house.
  • The Moorish style Hall of Ambassadors or the Throne Room.
  • Patio delYeso & Justice Room, built in 10th century and oldest parts of the palace.
  • The Moorish to Renaissance style gardens with beautiful ponds and trees.

Casa Batllo, Barcelona

Casa Batllo, BarcelonaCasa Batllo is a breathtakingly beautiful creation of the artist Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi turned a simple building into something truly amazing and unearthly. The colors of the building were inspired by marine life especially natural corals.

The wavy shaped external walls are designed by using fragments of colorful stones, ceramics and glasses. The roof represents the back of a mythical dragon. In the colors of the loft walls a Mediterranean influence is clearly visible.

Casa Mila – La Pedrera Barcelona

Casa Mila - La Pedrera BarcelonaCasa Mila is another astonishing creation and second most recognizable establishment that were designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is also known as La Pedrera or The stone quarry.

Things to see here
  • Recognizable wavy style works of Gaudi.
  • Built from natural stone so the vibrant eye-catching colors are missing here.
  • Ornamentation is missing which is done by Gaudi on purpose.
  • Groups of chimneys built on the rooftop are surrealistic and different from each other.
  • Some dominating sculptures on the rooftop.

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum BilbaoThe Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a phenomenal architectural establishment designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry. It’s located in the city Bilbao in northern Spain. The museum houses some brilliant contemporary and modern art. In Spain it is one of the largest in the list of museums.

Some of the significant artworks in the museum
  • Puppy (A giant West Highland Terrier statue – created by artist Jeff )
  • How Profound Is The Air (An Alabaster structure by Eduardo Chillida)
  • Maman(Bronze, stainless steel and marble made nine meters tall spider by Louise Bourgeois)
  • Barge (Oil and silk screen on Canvas by Robert Rauschenberg)
  • Poetics of Disappearance (A series consisted of five photos by Ixone Sádaba)

City of the Arts and Sciences

City of the Arts and SciencesCity of the Arts and Sciences is a spectacular architectural creation done by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It is located on Valencia’s dry riverbed of old Turia. This amazing futuristic complex composed with six different buildings known as –

  • El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía(Opera house and performing arts center)
  • L’Hemisfèric (Imax Cinema, Planetarium and Laserium)
  • L’Umbracle(Walkway / Garden)
  • El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe (Science museum)
  • Oceanografic (Open-air aquarium or oceanographic park)
  • Ágora (many events are held in this place)

Some attractive pools of water and streams are surrounding the city which has enriched the ornamentation of the place. At evening time an open bar is present outside the Science Museum because the city is usually a relaxing place for the citizens and outsiders as well. The City of the Arts and Sciences is one of the best places to visit in Spain.

Best Beaches in Spain

With 5000 miles long pristine shoreline, Spain offers stunning beaches finely decorated both in the northern and southern part of the country. The stunning Mediterranean coast offers a great deal of opportunities for the holiday goers and travellers. The best time to visit the beaches is the spring (March-May) and the fall (September-November).


Sotres town, AsturiasSpain’s northwest region Asturias has some of the most exquisite beaches to offer. The emerald green and cliff-edged long coast line here is abundantly rich with caves, cliffs, coves, sandy shores etc.

Some of the best beaches of Asturias
  • Playa de Cuevas del Mar (The Beach of Sea Caves)
  • Playa de Gulpiyuri(The beach with sea)
  • Playa delSilencio(The beach of silence)
  • Playa de Rodiles(Famous for bars and a large picnic spot)
  • Playa de Santa Marina (Popular for water sports)
  • Climate (H5)
  • Mild and rainy winter with the snowfall often.
  • Summer has sunny weather
  • Atlantic ocean keeps the weather often cool and dump
Things to do here
  • Some beaches of Asturias are best for the surfers because of speedy wind.
  • You can take long walks on the sandy beaches or sunbath
  • Explore the caves scattered across the coastline.

La Concha Beach, San Sebastian –Donostia

La Concha Beach, San SebastianLa Concha Beach of the coastal city of San Sebastian is located in the beautiful shell shaped Concha Bay. It is often considered the most beautiful city beach of Europe. Two sides of the bay are covered by the mountains Urgull and Igueldo. The golden sandy beach is only a minute of walk from the city hall.

  • Oceanic climate with warm summers and cool winters.
  • Average temperatures – 8.9 °C (48.0 °F) in January to 21.5 °C (70.7 °F) in August
Things to do here
  • You can take a long walk along with the beach of this beautiful coastline
  • Swimming, sunbathing and paddling.
  • Swim, take boats or kayak to the nearby islands
  • Take a spa in the White Perla spa center on the beach

Playa de SesIlletes, Formentera, Balearic Islands

Playa de SesIlletes is one of the best beaches of Formentera. It’s like a dream beach with soft pristine white sands and breathtaking transparent turquoise water around. It’s a heaven for sunbathing, swimming and other beach activities.

For sun lovers and water enthusiasts the beach Playa de SesIlletes has become one of the magnet attractions of Spain. It’s also a great gathering place for family with children. The restaurants nearby the beach area offer great cuisines. While eating at the beach restaurant Juan y Andrea you can enjoy the view of the beautiful coastal landscape.


June, July, August and September months are the perfect beach weather to visit Playa de SesIlletes. The temperature continues to stay relatively warmer which is great for swimming. But June is the best month for enjoying the beach.

Things to do here
  • Swim in the clear greenish-blue warm water.
  • Explore the tiny islands around.
  • A picnic with family or friends
  • Diving underwater worth experiencing the Mediterranean wildlife.
  • Windsurfing, Snorkeling, kiting, stand up paddling sure not to be missed.

Playa Del Inglés, Gran Canaria

Playa del InglésPlaya Del Inglés is considered one of the most famous beaches of Europe. The east and west border of this beautiful beach are covered by the beaches of Maspalomas and San Agustín. The options of choosing different vacation and sport activities have made the beach most popular and busiest tourist destination of Spain. On the beach, kiosks are selling drinks, ice creams and other refreshments.

The area of Playa del Inglés is mainly famous for its high rise hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping malls and other commercial centers. All sorts of goods are available here to purchase. The restaurants offer various international dishes.

  • The weather is dry throughout the year
  • December is rainy
  • August is the warmest month.
  • January is the coolest month here.
  • The driest month is this area is May.
Things to do here
  • Snorkeling, scuba diving, wind and water surfing, skiing.
  • Gran Canaria Tour (walking and hiking in the areas of Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles).
  • Enjoy different tastes of international foods and drinks.
  • Enjoy Palmitos Park (200 species of bird, a cacti garden, a butterfly and an orchid house).
  • Camel safari on the sand dunes
  • Play golf on the mini golf courts of the resorts around.

Playa de Maspalomas, Maspalomas

Playa de Maspalomas is another most beautiful beach of Spain popular for sunbathing and water sports. The 12 kilometers long beach borders the Maspalomas sand dunes to the Playa de Inglés. For the first timers, the beach could be alarming because it’s a well-known nudist destination.

The island coastline and the blue sea against the dunes create an amazing view. Kiosks on the beach are selling refreshing drinks like other beaches. All sorts of sports activities and the leisure facilities like showers, beach bars, shops and restaurants are available here. The beach is divided into 4 parts – first for the family and children, second and fourth for nudists, third for gay community here.

  • Mild winter and tolerable warm summer.
  • Spring (March-April) is warm
  • Summer (May-August) is hottest time.
  • Occasional storms at Summer time.
  • Autumn (September-October) is another warmer time.
  • Winter (November-February) is undoubtedly pleasant for vacation.
Things to do here
  • Snorkeling, windsurfing, paddling, scuba diving.
  • Camel Safari on the sand dunes.
  • Enjoy the impressive lighthouse along with the stunning sunset.
  • Go for water slides and pools at Aqualand with family or friends.
  • Holiday world will offer you great amusements and rides.
  • Palmitos Park (Enjoy the birds, rare plants, different species of monkeys, mammals, reptiles and fishes, Cactus garden and the House of butterflies).

Tamariu, Costa Brava

Tamariu, Costa BravaThe green shade of the pine covered cliffs and tamarisk trees, whitewashed houses and boats pulled on the shore have given Tamariu a picturesque view. The water is translucent here and great for swimming. It’s a peaceful beach mostly for families and children playing around.

  • The month of July is warmest.
  • January stays cool.
  • Avoid October if you don’t like rain.
  • The driest month is July.
Things to do here
  • Tamariu is kind of located in the central of all towns, so it makes easier for you to explore Costa Brava from here.
  • Stroll through the coastal paths and enjoy the gorgeous views.
  • Wander through the seaside forest.

Best Sights in Spain

Mirador de San Nicolas

Mirador de San NicolasThe panoramic view from the Mirador de San Nicolas especially at evening is a “must do” attraction of Granada.  From this viewpoint you can experience the most beautiful sunset along with the Alhambra and the magnificent view of Sierra Nevada behind.

Every person traveling to Alhambra visits and stays at least 15 minutes at this viewpoint to enjoy this scenic sublime. But stay careful because this place is swarming with pickpockets and bag-snatchers.

Siam Park

Siam ParkAt Tenerife island the Siam Park is a great source of adrenaline rush. The aqua park offers some great adrenaline slides with some less rapid slides also for kids and adults and a large shark tank.

From Los Cristianos, Las Américas and Costa Adeje, you will find free shuttle bus service to the park. Paid bus service is also found from other places of the island.

Benidorm Old Town

The Old Town of Benidorm is a beautiful place composed of charming cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, terraces, beaches, bars and restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels and ravishing nightlife.

The best way to discover the town is walking. Besides, you will find rented bikes and two wheelers. Hovering around aimlessly shall let you discover beautiful buildings and places. Countless restaurants are there to offer local and international foods.

Things to do in here
  • Enjoy the lavishing beaches of Levante and Poniente.
  • Nightlife of the beach is liveliest.
  • Mirador de Castillo, the view point from where you can behold the amazing view of the skyline of Benidorm and stunning views of the sea
  • Walk into the beautiful oasis Parque Aigüera full of greenery.
  • A boat trip to Isla de Tabarca. (An exotic marine reserve, fine beaches and restaurants).
  • Cuevas de Canelobre (Hiking trail through the Monte Cabeçó d’Or at 1205 meters).

Las Medulas Roman Gold Mines

Las Medulas Roman Gold MinesLas Medulas used to be the ancient gold mines of the entire Roman Empire near Ponferrada. But it has now turned into a strange bizarre looking but spectacular landscape.  The history is clearly visible throughout the whole place how an entire army of slave transformed a place into something like this weird.

The best way to discover the place and to witness the transformation is to take a walk or bicycle. You will still find marks here and there left by the miner 2000 years ago. You can visit the place any time of the year but spring is the best time because the colors are more vibrant and enjoyable.

Best Places for Hikers

Spain is famous for its mountain and volcanic terrain with rugged coastline and national parks. For hikers and trekkers the country is nothing less than heaven. From north to south the country is filled with variety of landscape which makes it possible for adrenaline seekers enjoy the utmost.

Caminito Del Rey

Caminito Del ReyThe Caminito Del Rey (King’s Path) is the most dangerous walkway of El Chorro in Spain. This 3 kilometer walkway clings to the steep walls of a narrow gorge 100 meters above the river flowing below. Both the breathtaking views and the terrifying hike make the walkway irresistible to adventurers or adrenaline seekers no doubt.

The Caminito Del Rey is 60 kilometers from Malaga International Airport. Rent a car or take the train to reach the site. You need to buy a 10€ ticket to experience the thrill. Paid guide is available. After finishing the hike you can take the bus to return to the starting point.

Camí de Cavalls

Camí de CavallsThe Camí de Cavalls is an ancient magical trail of 186 km on the island Menorca. The best hiking part on this trail starts from Cap de Favaritx lighthouse and end on the beach at Arenal d’en Castell. The hike takes you through the rocky coastline with small beaches and green pastures around.

Volcan El Teide

Volcan El TeideAscending El Teide, Spain’s highest peak is undoubtedly a dream for the mountaineers and hikers.  Experiencing the amazing views of the islands around, the entire Tenerife beneath your feet and think about the smell  of sulphur from the volcanic ground knowing it’s alive could be such a thrill right. The mountain is surrounded by Teide National Park. Hike on feet or take a cable car to the peak both will be a memorable experience for you.

La Ruta del Salto del Cabrero

The Sierra de Cádiz mountain range is another place for a great hike. In the Andalusian greenest part this 3.3 km rocky trails, valleys and the spectacular oasis within Grazalema Natural Park make it an amazing hiking destination in Spain.

Best Churches and Cathedrals in Spain

Spain’s Churches and Cathedrals carry both the cultural and the religious values alongside the architectural masterships. For centuries these spectacular artistic dreamlike structures built by the famous architects of Spain kept the attention of the whole world towards this country. Standing before the cathedrals of Spain you shall wonder how man’s imagination can cross the boundary and bring creations like them to life.

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

Basilica of the Sagrada FamiliaSagradaFamilia is the reflection of unearthly imagination power of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi. This unfinished yet sublime beauty of the church in Barcelona represents the Catalonia’s rich cultural history. Combination of the design from Christian iconography and Gaudi’s unique imagination inspired from nature brought the majestic appearance of the church.

It was 136 years ago in 1882 when the foundation of the church was first built and yet now the work continues hoping to finish in a decade. Still the beautiful color stained glass along with its surreal structure makes this giant masterpiece a must-see for everyone visiting Spain.

Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba

The Mezquita Cathedral de Cordoba or the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba is a fine example of architecture and history entanglement. A Catholic Church was turned into a mosque at the time of Muslim Conquest of Spain.  Before it used to be shared between Muslims and Christians but later, it is now a complete Muslim site.

The Cathedral is mostly famous for its design along with the reflection of Moorish architectural style. You should not miss this religious-historic wonder of the world.

Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca

Catedral de Santa María de Palma de MallorcaThe imaginative and creative retouch of the famous architect Antoni Gaudi brought back the honor and attention of the 14th century gothic style Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca. The exterior of the Cathedral continues the gothic tone but the interior is the touch of 19th century modernist outcome.

The Cathedral’s beautiful waterfront esplanade, superb stonework and sculptures from 14th century, the exquisite gothic exterior will shatter your mind for a moment to imagine the endeavor taken to build such gigantic structure. The interior also holds a divine beauty. While visiting Spain, keep Palma Cathedral is your list of “must-see” places.

Catedral Primada

Catedral PrimadaThe Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo or Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo is one of the finest and second largest cathedrals of Spain. The gothic style architecture has given it a stunning fairytale look.

The 750 stained glass windows from 14th to 16th centuries, use of white limestone, the wooden curved choir and all other magnificence used in the construction of the cathedral have given it otherworldly appearance. If you are an art lover and fascinated by the architectural structures then you should not miss this amazing creation.

Best Islands to Visit in Spain

The phenomenal islands of Spain are one of the biggest attractions for holiday goers and travelers from all around the world. The sundrenched beaches, pristine sea shores, turquoise water, rich natural elements, mountain trails, sand dunes overall the picturesque Mediterranean landscapes make the islands must-go, must-see and must-do for everyone.

The islands are perfectly decorated with world class bars, restaurants for diners, and best hotels, villas and resorts for longer and shorter stay with ultimate comfort. All sorts of water sports are available on the islands provide utmost fun as well as adrenaline rush. The best nightlife and parties are held in Spain especially on its islands. What else can you expect more on a holiday?


With guaranteed sunshine Tenerife’s dry mountain trails, turquoise sea water around, highest mountain peak, volcanoes, blue flag beaches overall the entire striking natural landscape has made the island one of the best places to visit in Spain. Besides, the world class resorts and hotels, restaurants, vibrant nightlife and street parties, colorful events have succeeded to grab remarkable attention.

Top Attractions
  • Mount Teida, the sleeping volcano and Spain’s highest mountain peak.
  • Garachico’s rock pools, swimming with the sub-tropical fishes.
  • Tenerife Carnival, on the month of February.
  • The Sunday’s Pine forest picnicis best for family picnic with the locals.
  • Whale and dolphin watching tour around the Canary Island. There are also Sperm whales, Pilot whales, Killer Whales, Risso dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Striped Dolphins, sharks, turtles seen here etc.
  • Warm tropical climate in winter. March is the coolest.
  • July and August stay warmest.
  • It mostly rains in December.
  • March to September continue as dry period.
  • Summer also enjoy the tropical climate. August is warmest month and July driest.
  • It rains a lot in December.


Lanzarote is enriched with the diverse wondrous natural elements protected by UNESCO, accredited with the title “biosphere reserve protected site”. In the time of unendurable winter of Northern Europe, the island’s climate remains tolerant. The weather plays a great role behind the gatherings of travelers and holiday goers from all around the world on the island of Lanzarote.

Timanfaya National Park

Timanfaya National ParkIt’s a must-see tourist site. The eerie terrain of the volcano park is the result of great eruption of 1700s which buried everything whatever existed there. You will find a jaw dropping feeling looking at the unearthly, weirdest and twisted nature of this volcanic aftermath.

Jameos Del Agua

Never to miss the Jameos Del Agua, a 6 km long lava tube transformed by Cesar Manrique into a striking subterranean auditorium.

Jardin de Cactus or The cactus garden

Jardin de Cactus or The cactus gardenIt’s another outstanding creation of Cesar Manrique with 1000 different species of Cacti. Both for the nature and plant lovers the garden is a paradise.

You should certainly visit Cesar Manrique House Museum & Volcano House. The artistic creation in a lava field with turquoise pool and five lava bubbles connected by volcanic tunnels will surely blow your mind away.

Best Beaches in Spain

Over 90 beaches of the island will offer you the most memorable feeling of your life if you are a beach lover. Some of the beaches as Playa Francesa, Playa de Papagayo, Playa Chica, Playa de Famara, Playa Flamingo, Playa de lasConchas, Playa Blanca, Playa Caletón Blanco, Playa de Mujeres, Playa de la Cera you dare not miss.

  • Known as the “Islands of eternal spring”
  • April and May have the best temperatures.
  • July and August are hotter.
  • October to December is the best time for surfing because the sea waves start this time.
  • December to February the rainfall takes place but not excessively.
  • Summer time is often very dry and hot.


FormenteraIt may have considered smaller than other islands but it is now all grown up with its fine beaches, booming beach-clubs, mud baths, secluded coves, fine restaurants to dine, great walking trails along with pristine sands and crystal clear greenish-blue water around.

Bicycles and scooters are the best vehicles here to move around because no one is hurrying here for anything on this nicely composed peaceful island. No wonder why Formentera lures millions of people from all around the world.

Top Attractions
  • Cruise sailing across the water of Formentera.
  • Enjoy a night at Neroopaco Formentera. It has nice places to sit around and have some nice tasty foods with excellent drinks.
  • Scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, windsurfing, yachting, water skiing, sailing.
  • Do some cycling and mountain biking to enjoy the natural environment.
  • The Illetes beach is perfectly organized with restaurants, kiosks, sky sailing, deck chairs, sunshades and much more.
  • Visit the monuments and cultural sites such as Sant Francesc Xavier Church, Sa TancaVella Chapel, Cap de Barbaria Megalithic Settlement, Roman Castellum, MoliVell, Cana Costa Megalithic Settlement.
  • January, March, June, July and August are dry period.
  • July, August and September are the warmest months.
  • The month of August is warmest.
  • July is the direst month here.
  • January is the coolest month.
  • In October, it rains a lot here.

Balearic Islands

Balearic IslandsThe azure water of the sea, pristine sandy beaches, picturesque terrain, panoramic Mediterranean landscape, top class hotels and villas, restaurants overall the abundantly present ingredients of Balleriac Islands is undoubtedly a perfect place for a dream holiday destination.

Top Attractions
Macarella, Minorca

When there you will find plenty to do and enjoy. Minorca the beach upon the cove Macarella, is sheltered by the surrounding green hills and the water is mind blowing greenish-blue. Just discover the cove and lay on the mind soothing sandy beach enjoy the sun.

Mondragó Natural Park, Majorca

This park will welcome you with its stunning cliffs, panoramic views, migratory birds, white-sandy beaches, gorgeous turquoise water and flora.

EsTrenc, Majorca

You should definitely stay in the island for a day or two to enjoy its crystal clear water and 2 km wide golden sandy beach. The wetland here is a heaven for migratory birds. You can go for windsurfing and devour the beauty of the island’s wild nature.

Alcudia Mallorca

Just let you amazed by the charm of cobblestone streets, Renaissance windows, fortified defense walls, archaeological structures, churches, cultural events, concerts and music. Time spent here will surely be delightful for you.

  • Average weather.
  • August is the hottest month
  • The coldest month is January
  • It rains an average of 63mm of rain in the month of October.

Gran Canaria

Gran CanariaCloser to Africa makes the Gran Canaria a little different from the Spain’s mainland. The tropical and subtropical zones make it available all around the year. The variations in nature, striking landscape, mountain terrain, rugged coastline, biodiversity, white sandy beaches with all the other features of Spain bring the same intense attraction to the islands of Gran Canaria.

Top Attractions
  • Scuba diving (To enjoy the diverse marine life)
  • Camel ride on the sand dunes
  • Caldera de Bandama (For a great hiking experience in the bowl-shaped volcanic crater)
  • Pozo Izquierdo coastline is best for surfing.
  • Enjoy the amazing cave paintings of The Cueva Pintida Museum
  • Enjoy the Gran Canaria carnival if you are there at the month of February.
  • Average temperature over the year
  • Average rainfall and snow. In December it rains a lot.
  • 11 months dry period except December.
  • August is the warmest and May driest here.
  • January coolest


IbizaIbiza is like a box gift wrapped just waiting to be discovered what’s inside. The island is relatively small yet it has a lot to offer. The stunning coastline with lots of coves, vibrant nightlife, stylish hotels and villas altogether there are an abundance of resources to enjoy and things to do on the island.

Top Attractions

You should definitely check out this quieter beach if you are avoiding crowd. It has a beautiful small beach with greenish-blue water to offer. You can also get access to some nightlife venues as well.

Playa d’enBossa

Playa d’enBossa is for you only if you are seeking best beach resorts. The place is for ideal nightlife and parties. Hire jet skis and paddle boats if you are feeling playful. After sunset visit Ibiza’s two famous and largest nightclubs Ushuaia and Space and go crazy.

Santa Eulaliadel Rio

Santa Eulaliadel Rio is a major resort of Ibiza on eastern coast composed of admirable beaches, culture, lined up palm trees, sublime views of the sea and nightlife.

SantAntoni de Portmany

It’s the second largest holiday destination of Ibiza. It’s famous for its colorful nightlife. Including all the advantages of other beach destinations, this place is worthwhile the stay.

Ibiza town

Ibiza townIt is one of the best cities to visit in Spain. This port city is largest and most beautiful destination of the island. You can stroll through the cobbled street and enjoy the fortress, dine and drink in the classy restaurants and bars. Try not to miss the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Snows.

  • May, June and September are often windy.
  • July and August months are quite hot
  • October has sometime rainy and windy days. The temperature goes down often
  • November to April is winter time and the climate stays mild. It rains sometime too.


Spain with its most diverse landscapes and cultures stands as the most desirable holiday destination checks all the boxes to fulfill the dreams of the visitors coming here. With the best places to visit in Spain, the country comprises best beach life, art and culture, architectures, mountains, volcanic terrains, beautiful islands with the turquoise sea water around, marine life, countless water sports, greenery and so much more you cannot even imagine. What else one can ask more from a place intends for spending the vacation and makes it memorable?

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