Choosing a Fly Fishing Reel

Choosing a Fly Fishing Reel

Fly reels are like treasures of anglers. With time and use, fishermen love the reel more. If you place several reels on a table like bait casting reel, spin casting reel, spinning reel and fly reel and ask a group of fishermen to choose a reel that represents a particular fisherman’s personal choice, many of them will pick a fly reel There is an overwhelming number of fly reels out there.  In this article, we will discuss how to choose a fly reel

Factors need to consider when choosing a fly reel

There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to choosing a fly reel. These factors are price ,materials, ,click ,drag system ,arbor size and overall size. Let’s discuss these factors briefly.


Price of fly reels varies widely from model to model. You can get a reel which can be as low as $39. But the price of an expensive model can be as high as $900. You can get a good fly reel with $125.  If you can increase your budget say you can spend $400, it means you will get a super quality fly reel with lifetime warranty. Fly reels that are hand made come with magnificent quality but are quite expensive.

To sum up, if your budget is limited, to get a good reel within your budget ready to spend $100 to $150. If budget is not a problem for you, get a good reel with  $250 -$400. For salt water fishing, you need a large fly reel which will require you spending $200 to $300.


Most reels today are made with stock aluminum. It means a  piece of aluminum is carved with a machine to give it a reel shape. It gives the reel a nice, smooth finish. Reels are also made from melted metal. The process is liquid metal is poured into molds to give the liquid form of metal a reel shape.  The reels produced in this way work fine and last for years. But the highest quality reels are made from machined aluminum. The simple rule is if budget is not a factor for you, get a reel which is made from machined aluminum.


The term click refers to the sound in the context of fly reels is what type of sound the reel make when the line goes out from the reel. A high-quality reel makes a pleasant sound when rotated. If it makes an erratic sound, it means the reel is not functioning well. The pleasant sound of fly reel when rotating it is a peach of mind for every angler who love to use fly reel.

Drag system

Drag system refers to the resistance that the reel applies to stop the fish when it tries to run away and take line out of the reel. There are a number of drag systems available. Drag system is not an important factor in trout fishing. It is because fish will not take a great amount of line out of the reel. However, the drag system is a critical factor in case of saltwater fishing.  Saltwater fishing means catching large fish which involves a lot of fighting before weakening the fish. The simple rule in this regard is if you purchase a good quality reel, it will automatically come with a good drag system.

Arbor size

In the last few years, reels saw some changes in their design. Reels usually come with spindle in the middle on which line is attached and wind. These reels require a lot of revolution to wind the line. Then came reels with large arbor. These reels are large in diameter and setting up these reels is easier too.. They can take line much quicker. Wheels with large arbor size is ideal for salt water fishing. However, for trout fishing, small traditional reels will still work fine.

Overall size

Reels are designed based on the rod and the weight of the line that it will likely hold. The simple fact is you need to pick a reel according to your fly fishing rod.

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