13 Bike Safety Tips to Make Riding More Safe and Sound


Bike riding is a great way to stay healthy and fit. It is an eco-friendly exercise with zero carbon emissions. Since bike riding is not such a strenuous exercise, it attracts people of all ages. However, bike riding is not completely injury-free. Below are some tips that you must follow to minimize the occurrence of an accident while bike riding.

1. Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet is all the time necessary whether you ride a mountain bike or a regular one. The protective gear keeps your head safe from a brain injury which is the most fatal injuries.

2. Make you visible

Your bike riding time could be early morning, late in the evening or even in the night. Whatever the time, wear bright colors and reflective clothing so that you are visible to other commuters.

3. Protect from the Sun

While riding a bike, protect yourself from direct sun exposure by wearing shirts with long sleeves and breathable fabric, apply sunscreen lotion on face and put on sunglasses.

4. Install a pair of rearview mirrors on your handlebar

The rearview mirrors will help you see behind without swiveling your head. This will make your bike riding more convenient.

5. Wear waterproof gear

Since weather is unpredictable, wearing waterproof gear like waterproof gloves is a good idea.

6. Do not wear headphone or earphone

While riding a bike, let go of your listening to music habits. You need to hear everything around you.

7. Ride with a friend

Bike riding becomes more enjoyable with a companion. Besides, having a company will be pretty useful if one of the riders get injured or face some difficulties.

8. Pick your route carefully

Your bike riding experience is very much dependent on the condition of the biking route. Pick a route that is wide and relatively quiet. Also, if you use a thoroughfare, first ensure that the road has a dedicated bike lane.

9. Keep a patch kit all time

Keeping a patch kit and the knowledge of repairing a flat tire is immensely important to prevent you from being stranded in an unsafe or remote location.

10. Do not forget to keep a few dollars

Do not go bike riding with an empty hand. If you need to purchase a bottle of water or drinks, the money will be handy.

11. Carry some water

Carrying some water and drinking it is essential to keep you hydrated during a long ride. Bringing water is vital during mountain bike riding.

12. Keep at least one hand on the handlebar

Although the safe practice is keeping both hands, keep at least one hand on the handlebars.

13. Use front and rear lights

Use both front and rear light will make you more visible to fellow riders and thus safer.


Bike riding offers many health benefits. Cycling in fresh air is also great fun. Bikes are also a means of transport to the workplace and house. Whatever the purpose of riding, if you follow the above bike riding safety tips, your safety is 100% ensured.

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