Flores Guatemala: Your next tourist destination

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Why does Flores Guatemala would be your next tourist destination? It is an isle of calm on the brink of a vast jungle reserve. Flores is a picturesque town with a relaxed, slow-paced and laid-back atmosphere. The city has quiet and narrow cobblestone streets, hidden alleyways, colorfully painted buildings, colonial architecture, a charming plaza and park with the town’s historic church. In this article, we will explore different places Flores, Guatemala. Stay with us.

The landscape and climate of Flores are completely different than its neighboring area Antigua and Lake Atitlan. The region experiences spring-like temperature all year round. Unlike its nearby area which is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, the city is encircled with dense jungle making the weather hot and humid.

Santa Elena Guatemala is the sister town of Flores. Flores is a small island in Lake Petén Itzá that’s connected to Santa Elena, on the mainland, by a causeway.

Flores Guatemala: A Quick Walkthrough of the Locale

The main reason tourists visit Flores is its closeness to Tikal, the most famous Mayan relics in Guatemala. The city is just one hour south of Tikal. IThe place is surrounded by the third biggest lake in Guatemala, Lake Peten Itza.

Flores is the gateway to most of the Mayan archaeological parks around the area. It is one of the 25 most colorful places in the world. The city is an ideal place to relax for a couple of days. Complete your relaxing time with some exciting excursions to the Crib of the Mayas, one of the biggest civilizations in World’s history.

Quick Stats

  • Area
  • Coordinates: Flores is located on San Andres island in the southern part of Lake Peten Itza, at an elevation of 449 feet (137 meters) above sea level.
  • Population: 22,600
  • Language: Spanish
  • Livelihood: Agriculture and tourism.
  • Economy: production of Chicle, timber, rubber, sugarcane, and cacao.


Flores Guatemala has hundreds of years of history dating back to the time Christ. Indigenous people are still surviving throughout the countryside and cities. Knowing the history of different groups of people will help you to appreciate them much before visiting there. Lets us know something about Maya and Garifuna-two prominent groups of people of Guatemala.


Maya is a common terminology used to describe different Maya tribes. Each tribe has its own traditional clothing. There are over 20 different Maya languages spoken across Guatemala.


Livingston, located at the mouth of the Rio Dulce, houses a group of people called Garifunas. These people are a mix of Africans and Caribbeans like African-American. They have their own language, religion, and political beliefs. They live in some 40 villages along the central American cost, from Nicaragua to Belize. Garifunas are famous for their percussion-based music.


People of Flores try to maintain certain etiquette. A few noticeable Etiquettes are:


people are free not to maintain a general standard modesty in dress. This can be seen in coastal dwellers who tend to show a lot more skin than highland people. But not all locals like this type of attire.


When meeting personally, men and women greet differently here. Men shake hands with men, women air-kiss women. When men and women interact, they may air-kiss or shake. If she offers her hand first, meaning she wants to shake instead of air-kiss.

Maya women

Many Maya women evade contact with foreign men. So, male travelers in need of information should ask another man.


Maya people are very sensitive about being photographed. So, always seek permission before taking pictures.

Travel Experience Throughout the Year

Temperatures in Flores are quite enjoyable with no chance of excessive rain or snow. In fact, the climate is so pleasant throughout the year that the place is always ready to welcome you. If you love to visit the place in the warmest time of the year, the hottest months are April, June, and then May. But traveling in September and October is not advisable. Because rain will disrupt your beach activity in Belize.

Climate in Flores

Climate in FloresBelow table gives detail information of temperatures and Rainfall in different months of the year in Flores.

Month of the yearTemperature (in Degree)Rainfall (in mm)

By Seasons

To give a synopsis of the climate in Flores, we can divide its weather in four seasons:

  • Spring (March through May)
  • Summer (June through August)
  • Fall (September through November)
  • Winter (December through February)

Spring (March through May)

Humidity and temperatures are the highlighting features of the Spring. In this season temperature does not fluctuate significantly. It remains stable between 82 Degree(27.8 degree C) Fahrenheit and 73.5 Degree Fahrenheit (23.1 degree C). The area sees no rain with roughly 0 days of significant precipitation per month. Spring is the second busiest time of the year regarding tourism.

Summer (June through August)

Though summertime has a high temperature the weather is not uncomfortable. Like spring, these months experiences the least precipitation with about 0 days of precipitation per month. Tourists flow are low in summer. Eventually, lodging and other accommodations may cost slightly less.

Fall (September through November)

Temperature rises to 80.3°F (26.8°C) and drops to 80.3°F (21.8°C) in a typical fall day. Only 5-degree variation makes the weather very nice. Flores experiences a negligible amount of rains or snow during Fall. Tourism is also the slowest during these months. So, expect to get hotels at affordable prices in Fall.

Winter (December through February)

Winter is the time when tourist presence is the maximum. This time is somewhat cooler but enjoyable. The average high during winter is between 76°F (24.4°C) and 69.3°F (20.7°C). This season too sees an insignificant amount of rain or snow.

By Events

In Guatemala, different events are organized based on the season. We can categorize mainly two seasons-dry and rainy seasons. Events taken place in different seasons are given below:

Dry season: (November April)

Striking features of Guatemala’s dry season are dazzling blue skies and warm sunshine. Events and festivals of dry season are

All Souls Day (2nd November)

Guatemala’s ‘Day of the Dead’ is not as pompous as it has been observed in Mexico. Here, Families mark the event with visits to cemeteries, and Santiago Sacatepéquez hosts a kite-flying fair.

Holy week (March/April)

In Antigua, Guatemala, travelers can observe some of the most fascinating and colorful holy weeks traditions during this time. Highlighting feature of the event is religious processions that pass-through streets which are vibrantly carpeted in flowers and colored sawdust.

Rainy season (May-October)

Guatemala’s rainy season means a sunny morning and rainy afternoon. But raining usually does not last long more than a couple of hours. Temperatures remain warm with increasing humidity.

Events and festivals of the rainy season

Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asuncion (15th August): the event is observed with bringing processions and arranging small fairs in many Guatemalan towns.

Being a Traveler

The picturesque town of Flores is waiting for you with its stunning landscapes, pleasant weather, and cultural activities. But how would you go there? Where do you stay? What kind of food and drink can you taste? To know the answer of all of these questions and thus make your journey a breeze, continue reading.

Getting to Flores

Exotic island Flores is located on a tiny island on Lago Peten Itza in Guatemala’s northern Peten region. From the outside world, reaching Mexico and then traveling to Flores Guatemala is convenient. Below we have described how can you reach there from Mexico and of course from Guatemala within.

From Mexico

How you will make the journey-overland or flying depends on your budget. If you are traveling from Tulum in Mexico and wanted to visit Guatemala from east to west, the cheapest and easiest way is going overland. But in this case, you had to pass through Belize.

If you love air traveling, flights from Cancun to Guatemala are not expensive. If you have time, stopping in Belize for a few days to break up the trip is a great idea. Especially, the Island of Cave Caulker is incredible.

Route (From Mexico to Flores)

From Tulum Mexico (the bus originates in Cancun) reach Belize city on an overnight ADO bus. It will cost you 675 MXN pesos.

From Belize city reach Flores, Guatemala by a five-hour shuttle bus service. It will charge you 25USD Including hotel drop off.

Important point: The ADO bus will drop you at the bus station in Belize City. But the shuttle leaves from the water taxi station. You need to hire a taxi for 10USD to go there.

Departure Fees

Mexico has a departure fee of 500 MXN pesos. This charge is already included in your ticket if you travel to Mexico on the air. So, when you will depart from there, will not need to pay the amount again. But if you enter into Mexico overland, and will cross the border then you will need to pay 500 MXN pesos.

On the other hand, Belize has a departure tax of $20 USD. If you stay in Belize for less than 24 hours, the tax will be 16.50 USD. This need to be pay during departure time and can be paid in Belizian Dollars or USD.

From Belize

The tourist buses leave from the water taxi terminal in Belize city for Flores two times a day- at 9:30 am and 2:30pm. The busses first stop at the Belize-Guatemala border and then again in Santa Elena. From Sana Elena you will be shifted to a minibus for the drive over the causeway. The journey takes around 5 hours at a cost of less than $15.

From within Guatemala

Reaching Flores within Guatemala is relatively easy. Most hostels and hotels where backpackers reside offer the option of booking a seat on a minibus. Hostels in Lanquin, Antigua and Lake Atitlan offers fairly reasonably priced transport. Minibusses from Semuc Champey/Lanquin take approximately 8 hours at a cost of anywhere between 80 and 125Q.

Bus Services

The cheapest way traveling to Flores from Guatemala City is taking bus service. It will cost you $23-$60 and takes approximately10 hours.

There is a direct bus service available between two cities. Services depart hourly and operate every day. Guatemala City to Flores bus depart from Guatemala City station and arrives at Santa Elena station, Flores. The service is operated by Autobuses FDN.

Finding A Place to Stay

The island of Flores offers a varied range of accommodation to travelers, ranging from top end to cheap hostels. Regardless of your budget, you will find something that will suit both your budget and standards. Take a quick glance at a few popular hotels in Flores.

Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel  (Top Luxury Hotel)

Las Lagunas boutique hotel consists of 19 comfortably equipped suites. It includes a private reserve which is a breeding facility of wildlife native species. The reserve can also be used for eco-adventure activities such as trekking, bird watching trails, kayaking and 4 x 4 ATV rides. LAS LAGUNAS is ready to welcome you to discover the experience of being adored in the middle of the jungle.

A Quick Look

  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Free parking
  • Free High-Speed Internet (Wi-Fi)
Hotel Isla de Flores  (The Best Romantic Hotel)

It is located on Avenida Reforma, It consists of 30 rooms, of which 12 have frontage to an old house of Flowers of the 80s. It includes a swimming pool with one of the best views of Lake Petén Itza.

A Quick Look

  • Pool
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Shuttle Bus service
  • Laundry service
  • Restaurant
  • Free High-Speed Internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Airport Transportation
  • Concierge
Casa de Grethel (The Best Budget Hotel)

It is located 44km from Tikal. It offers a barbecue and a private beach area. Guests get a refresh from an on-site bar. Some rooms feature views of the mountain or lake.

Other features of the hotel are a 24-hour front desk, a large communal area and free of the use of the kitchen. The area is popular for doing free time activities like cycling and fishing. The hotel offers complimentary boat service to cross to Flores

A Quick Look

  • Affordable price
  • The staff speak English
  • Online booking facility
  • Booking is safe
Jungle Lodge Hotel: Best Family-Friendly Hotel

The hotel is located in the tropical destination of Tikal. It offers an outdoor pool and restaurant. There are a 24-hour front desk and a tour desk that can arrange hiking and other activities.

Each bright bungalow of this property includes a wardrobe and a private bathroom with a shower and toilet. In addition, they include thatched roofs and fan. Free WiFi access is also available. Hotel Jungle Lodge is complete with a garden and a bar. An array of activities including hiking and sightseeing can be enjoyed.

A Quick Look

  • Free Parking
  • Outdoor pool
  • Designated smoking area
  • Poolside bar
  • Suites
  • Safety deposit box
  • Gift shop
  • Daily maid service
Los Amigos: Best Hotel for Backpackers

Most travelers head straight to Los Amigos as soon as they arrive on the island. It is the main backpacker hub. And why not be? It offers all the amenities you could want-internet access, book exchange, and on-site bar/restaurant. But what is the most attractive attention of the place? It includes an open courtyard filled with trees, fountains, and hammocks giving you a feeling that you’re hanging out in the jungle.

A Quick Look

  • Restaurant
  • Spa
  • Free High-Speed Internet (Wi-Fi)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Airport transportation
Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel  (Best Boutique Hotel)

Are you are looking for a small hotel with terrific service, a personal feel, and good ambiance in Flores? A boutique hotel would be ideal for you. Flores has 2 boutique accommodations; one is Las Lagunas boutique hotel and the other is Flores hotel boutique. Both represent the local spirit of the area.

The former is a 4-star hotel with 19 guestrooms. It includes a restaurant, poolside bar, and spa services.

A Quick Look

  • Only 10 minutes away from the airport
  • More than 300 acres of private reserve
  • Personalized service
  • Private and customized tours
  • 24-hour front desk
  • International and local Cuisine
  • Helipads
Some more hotels to consider

There are some other hotels you can consider to stay. These are as follows:

El Hostal

El Hostal is quiet, friendly, clean and comfortable. Its staff are helpful and includes secure lockers for storage. The atmosphere is relaxed and easy. It is located in a good location. It offers the best price for doing things like trips to Pacaya mountain and shuttles to almost everywhere you could want to go. Overall, it is an excellent place to stay.

Price: Dorms starting from $12

Hostal LOS Volcanes

Staffs of the hotel working at the reception desk are friendly with any inquiry. The atmosphere is very clean and cozy. The hotel is adjacent to the airport with good looking outside Veranda.

Price: Dorms starting from $18 while privates starting from $26

Theater International Hostel

The hostel is located close to the historic center and national palace. It is a nice hostel with friendly staff and serves a delicious breakfast. It features a spacious bathroom. The atmosphere is amazing and a great place to relax.

Price: Dorms starting from $8 while private starting from $9.

Chaltunha Hostel San Miguel Flores

It is a fascinating place located on the hill across the lake from Flores. Surrounded by a scenic environment, it features a nice swimming pool, clean room, and comfy bed. Living in the hostel feels as if you were living in the jungle. It is considered one of the best hostels in Flores, Guatemala.

Price: Dorms starting from $6.70.


It is a hostel renowned for delicious food and friendly staffs. The hostel features a nice vibe, great view, great customer service. It is a perfect place to stay and one of the best hostels in Livingston, Guatemala.

Price: Privates starting from $11.

What and Where to Eat?

Flores boasts a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and food courts where tourists can satisfy their pleasures.

Terrazzo Ristorante & Bar: Best Restaurant for Italian Foods

This restaurant is located on westside shore of the island of Flores. It is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. The restaurant offers excellent lake view.

Dish/Meal Specialties
  • The food and style at Terrazzo are great for western tourists.
  • Great for Italian food-Pizza, Pasta.
  • Great restaurant for cocktails
  • Nice burger and fudge ice cream.
Cool Beans Café: Best Restaurant for Breakfast

This is a family run restaurant. Husband and wife manage the restaurant. This restaurant is a favorite hangout place for locals after work.

Dish/Meal Specialties
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Delicious nachos
  • Very good hamburger and pasta
Raices Bar and Grill: Best Restaurant for Lunch

It is an artisanal cuisine restaurant. The grill is cooked at the sight of the customer view. It is located with a great view of the lake Peten Itza.

Dish/Meal Specialties
  • Vegetarian-friendly
  • Vegan options
  • Gluten Free Options
  • Tasty grill
  • Delicious grilled shrimp
  • Serves huge salad with lots of avocados, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes.
Legumbres Maya: Best Restaurant for Vegetarians

It is the only 100% vegetarian restaurant on the island. It offers incredibly delicious food at cheap prices. The specialty of the restaurant is the food is freshly prepared by the owner himself.

Dish/Meal Specialties
  • Everything is cook with fresh ingredients
  • Nice vegetarian and vegan restaurant.
  • Amazing pasta and curry
  • Delicious smoothies
Las Mesitas Street Food: Best Restaurant for Backpackers

This is the best option for backpackers looking for a cheap dinner. Starting sales at 6:00 pm, street food is sold every night. The stalls serve traditional Guatemalan food, consisting of primarily a crispy corn tortilla that you can choose your toppings, ranging from vegetarian pineapple salad to chorizo.

Dish/Meal Specialties
  • Serves a variety of homemade baked goods, plantains, taquitos, and drinks
  • Refreshing juices
Cafe Arqueologico Yaxha: Best Budget-Friendly Restaurant

Located at the heart of Flores, Guatemala, Cafe Arqueologico Yaxha is the place to feel both the Mayan vibe and the taste of authentic pre-hispanic Mayan cuisine. It is one of the most affordable places to eat in Flores. Above the restaurant has well priced, very clean dorms and spacious private rooms in Hostel Yaxha.

Dish/Meal Specialties
  • Offers an excellent assortment of beverages
  • The traditional Mayan chicken and the stir-fry is delicious and cheap!
Restaurant La Villa del Chef: Best Restaurant for Moderately Priced Foods

The restaurant offers a beautiful view of a beautiful sunset over Lake Peten. Staffs spoke English. It serves meat but vegan options are also available.

Dish/Meal Specialties
  • Large range of Cocktail, wine, and beer as well as fruit juices and coconut-based shakes.
  • Delicious burger and chicken cantaloupe
  • Serves great local fish
  • Provide great garlic bread

Getting Busy Hanging Around the Place

The best way to know Flores is by walking around. It is an ideal place for travelers who enjoy water sports and contact with nature. This place is a great stopover before and after your expedition to the Mayan world hidden in the jungle of Guatemala. Let’s explore the island place by place:

Journey to Tikal

Journey to TikalTikal is travelers wonders and many are terming as one of the most spiritually powerful spots on earth. Tikal is best known for having the second tallest pyramid on earth and it is one of the three physical places in Guatemala protected by the UNESCO.

How to get there?

You can go to Flores via an overnight bus from Guatemala City or take a little expensive but a shorter one-hour flight from Guatemala City. And then take a tour from Flores to Tikal by trekking through the jungle of Guatemala or take a boat trip throughout Lake Peten Itza.

  • It is an incredible experience for anyone discovering amidst such beautiful nature and to see many exotic plants, flowers and animals.
  • Ruins are impressive. It is difficult for travelers to believe that humans in fact, constructed such massive stone structure.
  • Climbing to the top of Temple IV is an amazing experience.
  • Watching sunrises from the top of the Temple IV and getting a breathtaking view of the vast jungle landscape is unforgettable.
Explore traditional villages around Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is one of the gorgeous lakes. It is surrounded with a collection of small traditional Mayan villages. All of these villages are unique in nature. Spend at least one week at the lake to explore all villages.

How to get there?

There are small public boats called ‘lanchas’ that is used to travel to the villages. These boats operate all day.


HighlightsEach village offers a different environment. Take a look one by one:

  • San Marcos is a smaller village featuring hippie vibe and holistic and spiritual focus. It has narrow pathways snaking through the gorgeous lush vegetation.
  • There are lots of massage places, meditation centers, yoga classes, and restaurants in San Marcos. Restaurants serve vegan meals.
  • It is an incredible place to enjoy sunsets and sunrises.
  • Santa Cruz is one of the most secluded villages on the lake. It is a great relaxing place to spend time.
  • Locals in Santa Cruz is very friendly.
  • Hardly any tourist can be found in San Juan. The place is very archaic.
  • The village is known for its colorful textiles

If you want to get an idea of local life and immerse yourself in the Mayan culture, exploring secluded and traditional villages at the lake are a good idea.

El Mirador/La Danta

El_Mirador_La DantaIn El Mirador you will find La Danta- the biggest pyramid in the world. It is in the center of the Guatemalan’s jungle.

How to get there

The place is only reachable by helicopter or on land with an authorized guide. The second option is adventurous. Immersing yourself into the tropical jungle for five days until you reach the destination

  • This place houses magical architectural treasure-the biggest pyramid on earth.
  • Enjoy the beauty of nature and Mayan civilization at its authentic form.

This is another famous archeological site located in the northeast of the region. This is the third largest Mayan ruins. It measures around 237 square kilometers (92 square miles)

How to get there

The distance between Flores and Yaxha is 56 km. There are 4 ways to get from Flores to Yaxha-by bus, taxi, car or shuttle. The cheapest way to get there is to drive which costs $5-$8 and takes 1 hour 24 min.

There is no direct bus service between Flores and Yaxha. However, you can take the public Microbus to El Remate then take the taxi to Yaxha. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Yaxha.

  • This old Mayan city is surrounded by flora and fauna. Stroll around the area and enjoy the atmosphere of ancient times.
  • The biggest attractions of this place are hearing the monkeys scream and searching for crocodiles inside the lagoon.
Mountain Pine Ridge

It is a natural reserve. It was established to protect and manage the Belizean pine forests.

How to get there

From San Ignacio, rent a 4×4 and drive yourself. It is a long bumpy road but do-able.

  • Enjoy beautiful views while driving through the reserve.
  • The forest is home to an extensive fauna, including jaguars, crocodiles, toucans, parrots and many more.
  • In Barton Creek, you will find a large river that is part of this amazing reserve and is accessible only by boat. Discover a large number of Mayan relics along the river.

Placencia is a lagoon lies west with a view towards the Mayan hills. Once a fishing village, it has now turned into a popular tourist destination with so many attractions and entertainment of all tastes.

How to get there

From Flores, you can hire a taxi and then go to Placencia. Taxies do not have a meter. You will have to spend $60 and it’s a 2-hour journey.

  • It is the perfect place for those who love water sports and outdoor adventures.
San Ignacio

It is the largest settlement in Cayo district and the center point for tourism activities throughout the area.

How to get there

There are 3 ways to get from Flores to San Ignacio. These are by bus, car or shuttle. The cheapest way is to drive which costs $7-$12 and takes 1 hour 52 min. The distance between the two places is 92 km

  • Doing adventurous activities like hiking, caving, zip lining
  • Mayan ruins are also accessible from this place
The lookout tower (El Mirador)

San Miguel Lookot towerSan Miguel is a small island located in the middle of the Peten Itza Lake. The Lookout tower is situated here. The tower looks like a tree house as the wooden structure is supported by the trunk and branches.

How to get there

You will experience a wonderful hiking while traveling to the Lookout tower in San Miguel. First, cross the lake with a local boat that can be found docked along the Malecon and go to San Miguel.

San Miguel is a very quiet and laid-back village. It is a quiet area with only a few tourists roam here. Upon arriving, start walking along a wide path through the peaceful jungle.

Lush vegetation surrounded the entire way. The hiking track passed through a rural residential area. You will get an idea of how the locals lived while passing the area. There are some gaps between the trees along the trail which offer stunning views of the jungle.

  • Your final destination of hiking is wooden Lookout tower/tree house. The tower is attached to a tall tree.
  • Climb up a set of wooden steps along a steep hillside to the base of the tower
  • Then climbed more narrow steps up this somewhat shaky structure and arrived at the top to get a panoramic view of Flores and Peten Itza Lake.

Is Flores Safe All the Way?

Before traveling any place, it is important to know a few facts about the place. Flores, Guatemala is no exception. Here are a few useful things to know before traveling to Guatemala.

Is Visiting Guatemala safe for women traveling solo?

Many women travelers expressed that visiting Guatemala alone is safer than even London or New York. You may hear mugging on the road in Guatemala. But this thing happens everywhere. As a whole, the place is safe for all sexes.

Do not drink tap water

Water in Guatemala is contaminated with bacteria. So, it is not safe to drink tap water there. And do not even use it to brush your teeth. Water bottles are available everywhere. In addition, hostels and restaurants offer free purified water as well.

You will find many fresh and yummy-looking tropical fruits at the market. They are tempting. Before eating, wash them thoroughly with pure, clean water.


Small tremor happens frequently in Guatemala. But do not take this into account seriously. The most devastating earthquake happened in Guatemala in 1773. The natural calamity demolished many of the buildings in Antigua. Ruins of churches and convents from that earthquake are still visible throughout the city and it is amazing to explore them.

If you are traveling from a country that does not experience frequent tremor, read some safety tips and what to do on minor jolt. It is always good to be knowledgeable.

Do not cheat for a boat ride

Lake Atitlan is a beautiful volcanic lake that is encircled with a bunch of small indigenous Mayan villages along the shorelines. An easy way to get around on the lake and travel between villages is via small public boats called “lanchas”. But because you are a foreigner, the boat captain may try to take advantage of you by overcharging you.

To prevent cheating, do some online research or ask the locals and expats around the lake what the cost of a boat trip to your destination should cost.

How Good is Flores for Backpackers?

When it is about backpacking, the first question will pop up into your mind is if the Flores is safe for backpacking? The place is as safe as other places in the world. Below are a few cautions that you must abide by:

Avoid shady area

Do not frequent shady neighborhoods and do not walk around at night alone in big city streets. Rogue people live in every city.

Do not wear flashy accessories

Tourism is one of the major sources of income for Guatemalans. So, they tend to friendly with tourists. But do not wear your expensive camera on a shoulder strap or hanging loosely. In other words, do not present yourself as a wealthy westerner.

Get prepared for changing weather

Weather in Guatemala changes frequently. So, bring different types of clothing. Generally, it is chilly in the morning across Guatemala, but higher your altitude, colder will be your surroundings.

Changing temperature can mostly felt around Lake Atitlan. It is very hot during the day but gets cold during the night. So, keep hiking jacket while backpacking to the lake.

Never abandon your belongings

Always keep an eye on your belongings. Do not leave your bags or any stuff unattended. Thieve are as common in Flores as they are in the metros of Paris. This is a very important advice for backpackers planning to go to Guatemala.

A little Spanish will be pretty useful

People in Guatemala speak in Spanish predominantly. At major tourist destinations, they also speak in English. But knowing some Spanish will help you in doing things like ask for directions, ask about prices and make new friends. Knowing Spanish will be urgent if you are wandering off the beaten path and not traveling with a tour group.

Be cautious about what you eat

Food poisoning is common in Guatemala if you eat from street stalls or if do not wash your fruit or vegetables. Tap water is also not safe. Take some medicine while hitting the backpack trail.

Traveling to Flores on A Budget

Guatemala is the most favorite central American country among backpackers. One of the reasons is the place is inexpensive. Below are a few money saving tips that will minimize your budget:

  • Take the chicken buses. They are not comfortable but are the most cost-effective way to get around.
  • Order cheap menu. It will reduce your dining cost significantly.
  • Buy Fresh vegetables and fruits from the market:
  • Travel, when tourists turn around, is low:


In Flores, Guatemala, you can visit many places, taste different types of food and engage in different outdoor activities. But the most attractive part of the tour is exploring Mayan architectonic treasures that will take you to the ancient times. Particularly, In El Mirador, where you will find the biggest pyramid of the world.

Lake Atitlan and its surrounding villages are a very quiet place. This is another great attraction of Flores. If you want to hide yourself from for a few days from regular hustle and bustle of everyday life, lake area would be a great place.

And lastly, the place is an adorable place for backpackers. So, why it could not be next tourist destination?

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