How Do Rifle Scopes Work-Lets Know Their Mechanism More Closely

How Do Rifle Scopes Work

The rifle scope is an object that helps the shooter align the barrel of a firearm with the target. It works as similar as a telescope. It will make the target look bigger and closer so you never miss the shot. A good shooter will always prioritize the scope over the rifle. When you have a good rifle scope it’s much easier to shoot the target. A hunter can hit a target using a mediocre gun with the help of a good quality rifle scope. But a hunter will find it difficult to hit the target with a poor rifle scope even if the rifle is the best rifle in the market. You can’t use the same rifle scope for two different rifles.

A rifle scope makes it much easier to hit the target at a longer distance. There are so many types of rifle scopes available in the market. You should choose them as per your need. It depends on what you need to shoot. You won’t need that good scope for target shooting but if you are a deer hunter then you need to buy a better one, so keep this in mind before investing on the wrong rifle scope.

So now that we know what a rifle scope is, let’s discuss how it works. We are going to unveil the mystery of the rifle scope. We will talk about how it works but we have to learn a few things first.

The most important parts of a rifle scope is its lenses—- the objective, erector, magnifying and ocular lenses. There is an objective lens in the front of the scope that allows lights to enter inside the scope and there is an ocular lens at the rear that makes the picture visible to the shooter. The larger lens is the objective lens. Most of the rifle scopes are water and fog proof.

There are some more lenses used in a rifle scope which also play an important role in a rifle scope such as a focus lens. The focus lens is located behind the front lens. This helps to focus objects in the scope.

An Erector tube is located between the focus lens and objective lens. The magnification lenses and the reticle assembly are placed inside the erector tube. The reticle is known as “crosshairs” by many shooters which are used to aim the firearm.

There are some riflescopes in the market that are fixed power. You can’t adjust its magnification. But other scopes are variable power which means you can adjust its power in a range of the number of times bigger in size in your eyes without a scope. So a 4x fixed power scope will make things look 4 times larger than your normal eyesight.

On the other hand, variable power scopes always come with a range. you could see a rifle scope listed as 3-9x. These scopes might allow you to view the target 3x to 9x larger than your eyes without any scope. These scopes have an extra feature called POWER RING.

Most manufactures make their scope for use at 100 yards(91.4 meters) distance but be careful about parallax error while using these scopes. This kind of error happens when your eye position is not where it should be. If you are buying scope for shooting at 100 yards distance then you won’t need a scope with more than 7x or 8x magnification. But if you need to shoot at 200 yards distance then you might need a scope with 12x magnification.

parallax errors are most likely to occur when you are using a scope with higher magnification. It means snipers have to worry more about it than your average deer hunter or target shooter. Though nowadays most of the rifle scopes come with parallax error adjustment features. In case, you may need it. Most shooters won’t worry about parallax error.

Rifle scopes come with some controls to help you adjust the scope according to your need. There are two controls that helps you manage scopes sight called WINDAGE ADJUSTMENT and ELEVATION ADJUSTMENT. windage adjustment will let you control horizontal settings and elevation adjustment will control the vertical settings on a scope.

There are many kinds of rifle scope available in the market. Some are for hunting purposes and the others are for target shooting. Some are budget friendly while some are very expensive. You have to invest in a scope that you need and will make it easy for you in hitting targets accurately.

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