11 Ways to Travel the World for Free

how to travel for free

Travelling is a hobby to many. When it comes to traveling the world, it can be an unreachable dream to you. Right?

Cost is the factor here. But travelling shouldn’t be more expensive than staying at home. If you’re dreaming to travel around the world with a little cash, you’re at the right place.

We’ll guide you on how to travel for free around the world. Take a look at the practical ways of free travel below!

How To Travel The World For Free

1.Use Miles & Points of Travel Reward Credit Cards

You can be highly discounted by racking up the miles and points. You can even get free air travel with frequent flyer travel reward credit cards.

Redeem free flights by signing up to the frequent flyer program with your most travelled airline company.

Some of them would offer you free nights in overseas hotels. So, sign up their reward programs now.

2.Work as a Driver

Get paid and a free ride across the border by driving someone else’s car. Some vehicle rental companies need to relocate their cars in different places.

All you need is just a licence, and a security deposit of $350 which will be returned on delivery. You’ll be paid by per mile pretty much.

3.Ask for Travel Gift Cards

Ask for a travel gift card instead of an iPhone next christmas. Make a fund for travel to allow your family and relatives to donate there.

If you have any recent birthday or a wedding program, influence your guests to donate for your fund instead for household accessories or tell them for a gift card.

One of my brother’s friends gave him a honeymoon return ticket to Nepal. It was pretty great and his boss gave him a gift card that has a hotel booking.

4.Teach English

English is a second language for many overseas countries including Korea, China, Taiwan, Arab states, etc.

You can claim free housing, travel stipend, and even a handsome salary on top of it by teaching english.

You don’t need to worry about your teaching degree or any academic degrees to teach abroad. Depending on your desired country’s requirements, a professional certificate is enough for you.

There are a thousand opportunities waiting for you as an English teacher. Keep searching the countries you wish to travel for.

5.Become a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants can travel all the countries for free. Not only that, but they also get a salary.

They get paid and extra money for their meals and other expenses.

Airlines companies also provide them bonus discounts on travel in their leisure.

For getting a flight attendant job, you don’t need a higher education. Having a GED is alright.

6.Join WWOOF as a Volunteer

You can live and work on different firms in the US, Europe, and Asia by being a volunteer at WWOOF.

WWOOF is a link between farmers and volunteers. Volunteers are provided free room and board by the farmers from all around the world.

As a student, being a WWOOF volunteer can be a great choice for you.

7.House Sit

Get a house sitting job and get accommodation anywhere in the world for free. Keep your eyes on the house and take care of some pets when the homeowner is not there.

In general, homeowners have dogs, cats, or goldfish that you have to feed, walk, or just give company. Sometimes you just need to protect the house from thieves.

House sitters also get paid. You can cost the money on your living expenses, and for the next trip.

8.House Swap

Get free accommodation abroad by swapping your house. House swap means an agreement with a foreign person who also wants a swap.

You can stay in their house as they can stay in yours. So, you both parties have to do it at the same time.

There are some house swapping websites available on the internet. You have to pay if you use their services but browsing is free.


Couchsurfers are ready to share their homes with you for a night because they like to chat with different people and are nice to host.

Join a couchsurfing community and access a worldwide network of people.

The members are willing to share a couch or a room to build up a good profile that works on good reviews of hosts and people like you.

Couchsurfers are free to cook dinner for you because they have enough money, and mindset to provide young travellers a shower and let them wash their clothes at their place.

10.Work on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships travel all over the world. You can take the opportunity by taking a job on a cruise ship.

Cruise ships need a huge full time employees as waiter, entertainer, babysitter, fitness trainer, cleaning crew, and many more.

Cruise ship jobs will provide you free food, accomodations, and free travel all over the world. You will also get paid if you’re a full-time employee.

11.Work as an Au Pair

An overseas job as an Au Pair, an International nanny is waiting for you if you’re a kid lover. Earn free room, and some extra money for the next tour by taking care of a kid.

Once I worked as a nanny in Italy so that I could learn their native language. I was placed in a family and I had to get fit with the community.

If you want to travel to Switzerland, France, Australia, Spain, China, or Sweden, an au pair job can be a good way for you.


In final words, none of the above methods are totally free. You either have to exchange some work, company, time or swap something.

Hope you’ll carry a minimum amount of dollars so that none can call you a freeloader. Try to be eco-friendly and avoid fancy hotel stays and mass tourism.

Figure out how to travel for cheap.

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