How to Use a Sniper Scope: Major Takeaways

How to Use a Sniper Scope
How to Use a Sniper Scope

No doubt, the aiming accuracy is a vital task and challenging for shooting success. You may have experienced amplification of your targeted image which is a sign of locking a false target to hit.

No fear! Using a sniper scope can solve this issue. As it is difficult to use, some people don’t know how to use a sniper scope even how does it works. Although it has a similar mechanism as a rangefinder, it’s a little more complicated.

This article covers all you need to know about using a sniper scope for inhumanely accurate shooting. So, keep your eyes glued!

How Does a Sniper Scope Work

Sniper scopes are considered as miniature telescopes mounted on top of your weapon. It uses the same way astronomers capture the distance between stars. It allows you to magnify your game and ease aiming to hit a long range shot.

Light is provided from the objective lens at the sniper scope’s end. When the light is passed throw the sniper scope tube, a focus is hit in a single bright point of the scope where the light bends.

The bending of the light helps your target on the other end to be focused on the scope. You’ll be provided a magnified image of your target at a range and the magnification depends on the quality of scope you’re using.  The finest sniper scopes are built with better objective lenses.

Choosing a sniper scope with different reticle types and multiple magnification type can make things more complicated.

How to Use a Sniper Scope
How to Use a Sniper Scope

How to Use a Sniper Scope

Before you start using a sniper scope, you need to be familiar with different reticles. The functionality may not match with the one the sniper has. So, what are those reticles?

Night vision reticle

As per the name, night vision reticle helps use of sniper scopes in the dark. There are different types of night vision reticles available capable of changing mode from day to night. Example: M110 and VSS.

A control key is equipped with the sniper to swap between the two settings and allows you to do this while looking through it.

P4 reticle

Instead of mil-dots, this reticle comes with tick marks. The function is similar to the others in adjusting to zero range using the same control key. Understanding the distance between each marks is required.

Comparing to the mil-dot reticle, the P4 reticle comes with harsher marks which is more helpful to adjust and fine-tuning the scope.

Mil-dot reticle

This is the most used and most famous reticle for rifle scopes. This is a versatile tool allows you to make precise adjustments to the scope while shooting in rifle’s zeroing range.

As you know different types of snipers come with different mil-dot settings and zeroing range. So, adjusting the scope requires study on your rifle.

PSO-1 reticle

The most common rifles that use the PSO-1 reticle are the KSVK and SVD rifles. These weapons are unique as they don’t allow user to adjust zero. These come with an added function like a built-in estimator. As this scope doesn’t allow to adjust zeroing range, you have to use a vertically-aligned chevron symbol in adjusting ranges. Although PSO-1 reticle is the oldest type, it provides fun to use.

Thermal weapon system

TWS is another name of the reticle that helps the sniper’s scope to see through clearly (day and night) without requiring any impairment. It can convert the thermal signatures of any target in view, provides a short time target acquisition, and an accurate resolution.

White-hot and black-hot are the two different flavors of this scope. It’s easy to switch between these two settings using a default key. All the both flavors provides equal clarity. No doubt, thermal weapon system will help you see the game even in a very wide territory.

How to Adjust Snipper Scopes: 4 Steps to Follow

Check the adjustment knobs

Making any adjustment isn’t possible before making sure the adjustment knobs are working. Most of the scopes come with two adjusting knobs mounted on top and on the side.

Cross-hairs can be adjusted up and down by the top knob whereas the side knob is for adjusting the scope to right or left.

Older scopes require things like a small key or a coin to turn knobs but you can do it with your fingers.

Move the sight

Move the sight towards the misses. If it denies to work on a high setting, adjust it even higher. On the other hand, if you’ve missed the adjustments, adjust it more towards the direction.

Keep making these adjustments until the rifle aims directly to the game. Try another target if it works well.

Make small necessary adjustments

When it comes to shoot moving targets, you’ll have to make a few necessary adjustments to get it more accurately. Read the user manual to make appropriate adjustments easily.

The boresight

Still, need more adjustments? Well, you have to take a boresight’s help. No doubt, boresights provide great accuracy of the weapon. So, if your rifle doesn’t have one, go to the local gun store and install one. No fear! The installation process is cheap and fast.

Final words

Hopefully, you’ve got a complete guideline on how to use a sniper scope and this will help your shooting performance far better.

Do not feel hesitant to consult experts if needed! Keep hitting objects like a pro!

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