28 Jobs for People who Seek Careers That Involve Traveling

Careers That Involve Traveling

Careers that involve traveling are varied and in some, the traveling is just a component of the job, whereas in others, it is a job choice. In some travel is or has become traditional requirements of the work. Such jobs as traveling salesmen or trucking spring to mind immediately, but there are others. Traveling salesmen and trucking, in one form or another, have been around since civilization started. Others, that are now considered traditional, such as air hostesses, were new in the history of employment, but now are normal forms of employment. The world of both work and travel has changed drastically over the past century and has given rise to different forms of both. This has created many careers that involve traveling. There are now much more choice of jobs for people who love to travel. Of course, new technology has played its part in this also.

Good Paying Jobs for People Who Love To Travel

1. Flight Attendant

As everyone knows, this is one of those jobs that has been created by evolution and new technology. The advent of passenger planes, new at their conception and an old form of travel to us now, created the need for flight attendants. A perfect way of international traveling without giving up your home base. Most airline companies cover different routes and destinations, so the chance of seeing many different countries is always an option. These are great jobs for people who love to travel, but enjoy home life too.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Flight Attendant

2. Cruise Ship Worker

Cruise ship workers get the chance to spend their working days on the sea and have the opportunity to see many far away and exotic places. This job title includes many more kinds of work than just the seamen that make up the crew of one of these vessels. Cruise ships are virtually small, moving cities, in which the passengers can find most of the daily goods and services that they would expect at home. Waiting Staff, cleaners, bartenders, cooks, doctors, nurses and entertainers, all figure in the employment list of a cruise ship. Some of these jobs pay well, others, not so much, but while on board all your needs are taken care of and you don’t need to spend your salary.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Cruise Ship Worker

3. Travel Agent

Travel agents are usually based in the countries of their origin, but they also have the chance to travel. As representatives of the companies that sell holiday packages, they also have the responsibility of making sure that accommodations and services at the vacation destinations are up to scratch and iron out any potential problems for their customers. For that reason they are required to travel. They can also become local representatives of the companies based in the destination sites.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Travel agent

4. Ski Instructors

This is a job that is usually considered to be home based. Local people who live in the ski resorts are the ones that have the expertise of the slopes and conditions, but qualified ski instructors don’t have to be local to get work. Ski instructors can move around. Because of the popularity of skiing, there are resorts all over the world. It is possible to follow the skiing seasons from country to country.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Ski Instructor

5. Au Pair

This is a traditional way for young European women to learn and improve their language skills by going to live and work, usually as a nanny and domestic helper, with a family in a foreign country. It is a good way to immerse yourself in a language and culture but ensure that you get the job at places that are safe for women to travel alone. Although not highly paid, it has the advantage of free room and board.

Au Pair-Careers That Involve Traveling


6. Scuba Diving Instructor

Every country now tries to boost its own tourist industry. Those that can boast exotic locations by the ocean will probably have a tourist diving industry too. Holiday makers now expect some adventure aspects to their vacations and are both willing and eager to try new things. Scuba diving is one of those experiences that has become popular with holidaymakers all around the world. Scuba diving outfits can be small, privately run affairs or part of a holiday option that are managed by different resorts. Scuba diving instructors that are qualified to teach can pick up work in different locations around the world.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Scuba Diving Instructor

7. Blogging and Vlogging

Blogging and its video counterpart, vlogging, have become industries and sources of income everywhere. Because of the World Wide Web, it’s possible to communicate with your followers from almost anywhere. Many people have taken to blogging as a way of earning their daily bread. The great success of sites such as YouTube, have proved that people the world over are avid for videos of all different kinds. Those with a blog and a decent following can easily travel and earn money by this kind of enterprise. With just a computer and a camera, all that is necessary is an internet connection. A blog and a following can be built while on the move, if you can provide interesting content. Money is made through adverts and passive earning. It is ideal for the blogger who likes to travel a lot.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Blogging VS Vlogging

8.Yacht Sailing Jobs

These types of jobs can be picked up in marinas all over the world. As it is a good and pleasant way of getting around from place to place, it has become popular with travellers. Thousands upon thousands of yachts are crossing the oceans at any one time. It is relatively short term work and is worthwhile in payment terms, because you don’t have to pay for bed and board while travelling. It is possible to sign up for just one leg of an ocean voyage and get paid at the port of call of your choosing. Yacht captains and owners are used to hiring extra or replacement crew members on a part-time basis. There’s the option of crewing on short holiday hires, usually coastal cruising, or sometimes longer term employment on bigger, luxury craft. Not only individuals, but this can be good work for couples.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Yacht Sailing Jobs

9. Bartending

Bartending is another one of those jobs that have a floating population of workers at any one time. Many bartenders come and go, especially in such places as popular holiday destinations. Many bar staff are travellers working their way around, moving from place to place and one country to another. That is why this job is a good option. Almost wherever you go some club or bar is looking for new staff.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Bartending

10. Backpacker Hostels

Backpacker hostels have become a new trend in accommodation for budget travellers. Many expat foreigners have opened them as a way of earning a living. They are mainly staffed by local people, but some hostels are willing to hire travellers as well. Mainly for their language skills on the front desk, but you must also be prepared to muck in and attend to other domestic duties too. It’s possible to exchange work for room and board in some cases, which is good if you wish to make a prolonged stay in one place and want to limit your spending.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Backpacker Hostels

11. Freelance Massage Therapist

Again, this is one of those sources of employment that has sprung up due to the burgeoning tourist industry. Traditionally, this type of service was only to be found in large cities as it isn’t something that most people don’t normally bother with or even think about, but in popular tourist destinations around the world, it is a service that can be found. For most people a massage is considered a luxury and people on holiday are willing to indulge in a bit of self-indulgence. Heath spas, as a general trend, have sprung up all over the place, but especially in centres of tourism. It is a service that can be found in many of the large resort hotels and in many independent concerns.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Freelance Massage Therapist

12. Freelance Travel Photographer

Freelance photography is in essence the same style of work as a travel writer or blogger. All can be done on the move and get paid for, all you need is a market for the images. Like the freelance writer, all you need are clients willing to consider and pay for your work. It is possible to combine both photography and writing. Ideal for those that love to travel and like to see the world through a lens.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Travel Photographer

13. Street Performers and Musicians

Street performing is usually a hand to mouth existence, depending on the generosity of the pubic. It is inherently nomadic, whether you stay in one city or country. Street performers are always looking for a better pitch, but it is a job that can be taken internationally. The performance can be changed or modified according to the sensibilities of the audience. A lot of established musicians started their journey as street performers. So, you can give it a try if you have the potentiality.

Musicians, like bartenders, are a floating community of workers. Within the musical environment, there’s a lot of movement. As a musician, it is possible to play and travel at the same time. Clubs and bars are always looking for live entertainment and there are always bands that need an extra or replacement member. For musicians, the cruise ship may be another option.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Street Performers and Musicians

14. Peace Corps or NGO Work

Americans can travel and work at the same time using the option of the Peace Corps. It is a good way getting experience of the world and allows travel at the same time. As they operate all over the globe, there is enough choice to suit varied interests. NGO work on the other hand, is voluntary and unpaid. A good choice if you wish to see different places in the world, but nowadays you have to pay the organisation for which you wish to work. They will charge you bed and board, plus you have to meet your own travelling expenses. The only way to get paid and travel with this option is to become employed as a staff member. That depends on what skills they need.

Careers That Involve Traveling-NGO Work

15. Customer Service Agent

A customer service agent may find work in other countries, especially if the company they work for has an international presence. Large hotel chains are one of the sectors in which to look for this type of work. You need to be able to deal with the public in a friendly manner, have basic computer skills and if working abroad, a second language. With previous experience it’s possible to canvas companies in whichever country you happen to be. As a native English speaker, there Is also the possibility of finding work in call centres, which have been outsourced and have sprung up all over the world.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Customer Service Agent

16. International Aid Worker

Although it may be possible to become an international aid worker without experience, most of these organisations would require some sort of professional or expert skills. They have set goals or aims and will hire the necessary personnel that can demonstrate those abilities. That said, there are many different skills that these organisations are in need of.

17. Foreign Service Worker

These are government jobs that are obtained by joining the civil service and opting for a diplomatic career. Like an entry level corporate position, a higher education qualification is necessary. These careers have many strands and there are many sectors in which to work. The advantage of this type of work is the you can live and work in various different countries over the course of your career.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Foreign Service Worker

18. Consultant

Consultancy is one of those types of work that come in many different forms. It can be legal, engineering, agriculture and cover a wide range of sectors. Consultancy, in general, isn’t pinned down to any one place. Companies that provide consultancy services may send their personnel all over the world. This work can be combined with travel, for those that want it. It is a corporate job. Probably the highest paying type of work while traveling or living as an expat.

Careers That Involve Traveling-Consultant

19. English Teacher

Teaching English as second language is a form of work that has mushroomed over the years. Whether in your own country or working abroad, it’s a type of employment that is in constant demand. There are some language companies, national or international that require qualifications of one kind or another. Others will accept anyone with a degree in any subject. In others, you can teach with no prior experience, they just want native speakers. This has become a great source of work for those who want to do a bit of globetrotting. The work sources are language academies, schools, companies and private individuals. Many businessmen and women seek English to improve their prospects. Affluent parents want their children to learn. There is an explosion of demand in Asia at the moment, especially in China.

English Teacher-Careers That Involve Traveling

20. Freelance Travel Writer

This is a great gig for people who love to write. Freelancing doesn’t pin you down and these writers can move around from country to country by earning money while traveling. Of course, they can do it just on spec, sending off articles to various sites that deal with travel, but it is best to contact these companies, sites and blog hosters that are in the travel business and tout for work. It is best to contact several and learn their special interests, which ones require a constant source of material and tailor the writing to their particular niches.

Careers That Involve Traveling-travel writer

21. Tour Guides

Taking groups of people to foreign countries on a guided holiday package. These are short term ventures, but organised on a regular basis. Basically, leading groups around historical sites and making sure they don’t have any problems. For this type of work knowledge of the places to visit is necessary, plus fluency in at least one foreign language. You need to be an empathic person and good with people.

Tour Guides-Careers That Involve Traveling

22. Traveling Nurse Positions

This involves providing care to patients while they travel. These positions can be long or short term. Either privately for one person or giving and monitoring medical attention in general for groups. Cruise ship positions are one example. Nursing positions can be found almost anywhere, they are always in demand. If you have the correct qualifications, experience and language skills.

Traveling Nurse-Careers That Involve Traveling

23. Journalist

Another type of work that can be done while traveling from place to place. As same as the freelance writer or blogger, technology lets you file your reports from wherever you are over the internet. This gives you the freedom to roam in search of news stories or to travel direct to wherever the news is breaking at the moment. All the international news agencies have stringers in different countries and one with more flexibility than most might suit their needs.

Journalist-Careers That Involve Traveling

24. Academic

Academic positions aren’t known for their flexibility, but it is possible to become a visiting academic with a fixed term position or contract. Sabbatical positions in other academic institutions can be sought. Archaeological digs and other kinds of scientific expeditions may also be another source of work and travel in the academic world. Remote academic consultancy or tutoring may also work for the academic that wants to travel.

Academic-Careers That Involve Traveling

25. Traveling Street Vendor

Very much like the street performer, the street vendor moves from one venue to another in search of sales of their products. Many of these vendors sell handicraft goods that they have made themselves. Anyone who has travelled has seen and has probably bought from these people. Learn to make handmade jewellery and you be on the move, selling your own goods as you go.

Traveling Street Vendor-Careers That Involve Traveling

26. Traveling Festival Work

Under this heading can be included circuses and carnivals. It is mainly seasonal work, helping to move and maintain the equipment necessary. Also attending the booths, rides and shows that each provide. Although some particular skills may be necessary, it is more of a jack-of-all-trades position.

Traveling Festival Work-Careers That Involve Traveling

27. Traveling Au Pair Positions

Basically the same as a normal au pair position, these are usually short term employment gigs helping families while they either travel to other countries or during their vacation stay. That said, it may be possible to work year-round, instead of just seasonal jobs.

Traveling Au Pair Positions-Careers That Involve Traveling

28. Online Earning

With the internet the opportunities for work while traveling are almost boundless. As stated above, you don’t have to be fixed in one place or country to find work and earn money. There are many opportunities for online language teaching, as an example. Remote working can include all sorts online consultancy employment, not only blogging or freelance writing. Teaching and tutoring remotely are expanding. You can even sell products remotely, over the internet.

Online Earning-Careers That Involve Traveling

What you should know

Some of the examples of work with travel or working while traveling will need specific skills or knowledge. Some will also need official sanction, such as visas and work permits. If you intend to travel internationally, then language proficiency and essential travel accessories are other requirements. If you have a professional skill or even a trade to sell and have the urge to travel, it is easier to get good-paying jobs that are formal in nature. Of course, there is casual and cash-in-hand work to be picked up almost everywhere. It depends on what you are willing to do. Working remotely over the internet offers almost limitless opportunities to combine long term travel with the ability to support yourself.

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