Touring Bike vs Gravel Bike

Touring Bike vs Gravel Bike

Though biking is a passion for a biker, they are saving our planet to some extent. Bike rides keep you healthy, fit also saves some of your money. A biker doesn’t ride bikes for these purposes rather they love riding bikes for no specific reason.

If you are fond of biking and need a bike that will meet all your needs then you have to research a little on different kinds of bikes on the market before investing in the wrong one.

There are so many types of bikes that are popular for their own advantages. Touring bikes and gravel bikes are two of them. These are the top favorites of modern day bikers. Now If you are wondering which one would be the best for your purposes then read the whole article.

Nowadays, gravel bikes are so popular that even people who don’t have interest in biking, are thinking of getting a gravel bike. Because it has the ability to tackle all kinds of surfaces and has space for wider tires, it is so popular among bikers.

On the other hand, touring bikes are designed to make the bike comfortable, to carry heavy loads and comes with heavy duty wheels.

I’ll list down some differences between a touring bike and a gravel bike down below so that it helps you decide which one to go for…

Geometry: A touring bike has a longer wheelbase, chain stays and slack frame angles which means it saves your luggage’s away from your feet while pedaling, providing you extra comfort the whole day trip. On the other hand, a gravel bike has a shorter wheelbase, chain stays and front center as it’s designed for racing and tackle all kinds of roads.

Gear: Touring bikes have its gearing set up for riding on hill roads though it provides a decent speed on normal roads whilst gravel bikes are not designed for any specific kind of road rather it works almost the same on every type of road.

Materials: Touring bikes are made with strong material. They are mostly made of steel that gives your bike to carry heavy loads of your luggage’s. Also it keeps your bike safe from bad damages during your trips. Gravel bikes are made of aluminum, steel, carbon or titanium. So most of them are very light and comfortable.

Weight: Touring bikes are more to the heavier side as it is built with heavy, stiff material like steel. They are designed to provide comfort in long trips. Gravel bikes are very lighter in weight than most of the touring bikes. Lightweight bikes provide more speed and are easy to ride on gravel roads, hills or flat surfaces.

Tires: Touring bikes have tight tires which controls bikers going wide though there’s some new touring bikes which have much wider tires. Gravel bikes always come with wider wheels as they are designed around off road cycling.

Mudguards: Touring bikes come with Mudguards to protect your wheels from muds on rainy days. If you are on long trips and suddenly you get a muddy road then it won’t be much difficult to tackle. Gravel bikes don’t come with mudguards. So it won’t be the best choice in the rainy season.

Dynamo Power:  Touring bikes often have a dynamo power Which can be used as a light during the night and also can be used to charge up your electric accessories. Gravel bikes don’t carry any dynamo power. So if you love night trips, you can choose a touring bike over a gravel bike.

Heavy Duty Lugger: Touring bikes are designed for long trips which could be a two-three days trip where you need to take lots of things like a tent, clothes, foods and so much more.  A touring bike provides you with more space to carry your luggage. Most of the time they are being carried in the front or rear rack. Gravel bikes never come with a heavy duty load lugger. There are many gravel travel bikes available nowadays but they can’t carry as much load as a touring bike.

If you plan long road, long day trips then you should buy a touring bike. They are weatherproof, can carry loads of weight, have mudguards protection and are made with strong materials which make it perfect for touring. You can also consider buying a gravel touring bike that is made with steel and has space to carry some luggage. But if you avoid long tours with bikes and only love to ride on shorter distances then gravel bikes are the best to have. Gravel bikes are also known as “all purpose bikes”.

Best Touring Bikes: Surly disc trucker bike, Trek 920, Salsa marrakesh sola, Salsa marrakesh deore bike.

Best Gravel Bikes: Canyon grail AI 7.0, Canyon grail CF SL 7.0, Cannondale topstone carbon ultegra RX.

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