What Is a Good Skateboard for a Beginner

Skateboard for Beginners

The popularity of skateboarding is on the rise among young people. It’s a spectacular outdoor activity that also offers many health benefits like increasing physical endurance, improving overall fitness, and relieving stress. But choosing an ideal skateboard for a beginner skateboarder is somewhat confusing. I hope this post will help any new skateboard enthusiast to find the right product.

What Things to Consider When Choosing a Skateboard for Beginners

There are several factors that come into play when it is about choosing a skateboard for beginners. These factors are what type of skateboard you prefer, are you looking for a complete skateboard or a custom skateboard,  the places where you will like to ride the skateboard, and knowing different parts or components of a skateboard. Let’s discuss these four factors separately.

Types of Skateboards

Before identifying what type of skateboard is suitable for you, first, you need to know what type of skateboard out there. Based on the skateboard deck, there are three different types of skateboards, these are longboards, cruisers, and classic skateboards.


Longboards as the name suggests have long decks and feature larger wheels and trucks. These boards are not suitable for displaying tricks. But they are ideal for covering long distances, riding downhill or around a lake. 


Decks of cruisers differ with standard skateboard in terms of shape, width, and length. The wheels of these skateboards are also soft offering skateboarders a nice cruising experience. They are ideal for riding in a city’s paved road.  Cruisers are fully assembled making them ready to skate. If you don’t like building a skateboard on your own, choosing a cruiser will be a good choice for you.

Classic Skateboards

Classic skateboards are suitable for performing eye-catching tricks in skateparks. These skateboards adopt a common deck style which is called a popsicle shape. Popsicle means the nose and tail part of the deck comes with identical shape allowing skateboarders to switch these parts at their will.

Complete or Custom Skateboard

Your next buying consideration is do you want a custom skateboard or a complete skateboard? A complete skateboard means it’s a pre-assembled unit. For beginner skateboarders, I would like to recommend them to choose a complete skateboard for skateboarding. . If you want to build a skateboard with your preferable skateboarding components like deck, wheels, trucks, though it will be a little complicated at the beginner level. but at the end of the day, it’s great peace of mind that you are riding a board where all components are chosen by yourself and are nicely fitted together.

Your Skating Terrain

The last buying consideration is where you want to skate- is it in a skating park or on the street?

Park Skating

For park skating, you can skateboard with narrow decks or wide skateboard decks. Narrow decks are easier to maneuver while wide decks have plenty of space to stand. These skateboards come with standard size trucks that are trucks that slightly exceed the deck width and medium-sized wheels.

Street Skating

Street skating means riding on more irregular surfaces. Unlike park skating where the skating surface is smooth, street skating often involves skateboarders to negotiate several obstacles like pedestrians, Peebles, and potholes. For street skating, skateboards with narrower decks are preferable since these models are more agile than wide skateboards and easier to flip. The wheels of street skateboards are small since these wheels are suitable for making skateboards going faster and easily maneuverable.

Skateboard Parts

Since a skateboard is an assembly of different parts, you closely know different parts of this sporting item or form of transport. Well, if we say a skateboard is a form of transport, it’s not grossly wrong since sometimes longboards or skateboards are highly efficient to commute between your home and workplace or schools. Lets different skateboard components in detail.

Grip Tape

On top of a skateboard is the grip tape. It provides skateboarders traction so that their feet don’t slip out of the board. Skateboard grip tapes come in different styles and colors. Amidst these variations, black grip tapes are better since they are more durable than other types of grip tapes.


This is the main wooden part of a skateboard.  The deck part is made of thin maple plys. The number of plys is usually 7. Some models of skateboard decks may include 9 plys  These plys are glued together by epoxy glue. These thin plys make the board stiff and prevent losing shape when skateboarders perform different tricks while riding a skateboard.  


These parts are T-Shaped metallic components of a skateboard that hold wheels beneath the skateboard deck. There are two trucks in a skateboard-the nose truck and the tail truck. Trucks are made of aluminum alloy. Trucks may also be manufactured from plastic. But these trucks are cheap and poor quality components. When purchasing a skateboard, make sure that the trucks are made of metal. Keep in mind that skateboard trucks are quite important since wheels which is another important major component of a skateboard is fixed to the trucks.


Most of the people when going to buy their first skateboard, it the part of the wheel that they examine more closely than other parts. It is because your riding experience primarily depends on the wheels of the skateboard.

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